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    PP woven Sheets Supplier
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    Project Management Certification and Training - OS
    Mon, May 14, 2018
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    Project Management Certification and Training - OS
    Mon, May 14, 2018
    04:48 AM
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    Project Management Certification and Training - OS
    Mon, May 14, 2018
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March 2019
March 2019

Cherry, peach and almond trees bloom in springtime around the world.
Floodwaters are receding across most of the hard-hit Midwest, but there could be new problems if the forecast for significant rain later this week holds up. Already the flooding along the Missouri River and its tributaries has caused at least $3 billion damage and forced thousands from their homes as floodwaters penetrated or flowed over several hundred miles of levees. The flooding is blamed in three confirmed deaths.
Winter's chill still has a stronghold over the Northeast. Pedram Javaheri has today's weather forecast on when we are going to get spring warmth.
There are more reasons than ever to conserve forests, but the surprising role of trees as a methane source adds a complication.
Following one last blast of winterlike chill early this week, a surge of warm air is finally on its way into the northeastern and midwestern United States. 
Businesses and residents are concerned about the environmental and economic fallout from a fire at a Houston-area petrochemical storage farm. 
<p>This year's record-setting February and continued storms have reconnected residents in this mountain community to a historic rite of passage in California's highest town, a place that largely came to be because of its monumental snowfall.</p>
Two cracks on the Brunt Ice Shelf are creeping closer to each other. When they intersect, an iceberg twice the size of Manhattan will slide into the ocean.
A new NASA study finds that a key Greenland glacier, one of the world's fastest shrinking glaciers, is growing again. Scientist say Monday's 'good news' finding is likely temporary. They say it is long term bad news because it shows how important ocean temperatures are to the retreating and advancing of glaciers.&nbsp;
A round of severe thunderstorm that moved through North Texas late Sunday left some neighborhoods looking more like a winter wonderland after blanketing the region with damaging hail.
Another round of soaking winter weather is on the horizon for the West Coast, with a series of storms expected to impact the region through midweek.
Authorities in Mozambique say that with a key road open to the port city of Beira, conditions on the ground improving and more international help arriving, the pace of aid delivery to those hit by Cyclone Idai should now flow more freely.&nbsp;
<p>A cruise ship has docked in Molde harbor, western Norway, after a harrowing day stranded at sea.</p><p></p>
Flooding concerns are starting to ease in hard-hit places in in the Midwest, but experts warn that with plenty of snow still left to melt in northern states, the threat could persist for months.&nbsp;
During his show on Saturday night (March 23) Timberlake pledged to go into his pocket to help the state, which has been devastated by massive flooding.
A tornado touched down in Eaton, in Colorado’s Weld County, on Friday, March 22. The National Weather Service had issued a warning for Eaton and Lucerne until 6 45 pm. Local media said this was the first reported tornado of the year in the area, and that tornadoes were rare this early in the year. There were some reports of damage to a dairy farm east of Eaton. Credit: Brianna Hall via Storyful
Iranian state TV reports that flash floods have killed at least 17 people and injured 74 in the country's south. Monday's report quotes the head of Iran's emergency medical services, Pirhossein Koulivand, as saying the sudden flooding was triggered by heavy rains outside of the city of Shiraz.&nbsp;
The United Nations has elevated its emergency level to be on par with war-torn Yemen.
Light shows could be visible in Iowa, Colorado and Washington over the weekend.
The chill that descended upon the northeastern United States this past weekend will be reinforced early this week, but relief is on the horizon.
<p>The best winter weather photos from across the globe.</p>
<p>Showers and thunderstorms that may disrupt travel, dampen outdoor plans and become locally heavy and gusty will sweep through the southern United States early next week.</p>
Coloradans on the eastern Plains are preparing for more wet weather just about one week after getting slammed by a blizzard.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced Friday it failed to protect 2.3 million disaster survivors' sensitive personal information, potentially putting them at risk for identity theft and fraud. The Department of Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General found that the breach happened as the agency was transferring information to a contractor to secure temporary housing for those impacted by h...
With floods submerging expanses of the Midwest and government scientists warning that this spring could bring a historic flood season in the United States, it’s natural to ask why it is happening. What causes catastrophic flooding? And what is the role of climate change?&nbsp;
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